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What is Alumawood?
Alumawood is a wood grained embossed aluminum sheet metal product that is machine roll formed into patio cover components similar to wood.

What is the Alumawood Warranty?
Amerimax Building Products backs the Alumawood product with a limited lifetime warranty on the enamel protecting against items such as warping, cracking, peeling, rotting, rusting etc..

Do you have Electrical Engineering?
We do not carry any electrical engineering. Any suggestions on electrical intervention with the Alumawood patio covers should be properly installed and permited by a professional electrician.

Do you need permits for an Alumawood patio cover?
Most local Cities and Counties will  require permits on any new construction including Alumawood patio covers.

Does Alumawood have Engineering?
Alumawood does have current engineering approved and reviewed by an IAPMO Engineering Service that verifies compliance with both the 2006 International Building Code® (IBC), and the 2007 California Building Code® (CBC)

Can I enclose my Alumawood Patio cover?
Patio covers are intended to be non habitable structures conforming to Appendix I of the International Building Code. Alumawood patio covers are engineered and designed for outdoor recreational use only.

Do you need concrete footings for an Alumawood Freestanding Patio cover?
Yes. Alumawood Freestanding patio covers require steel posts inserted into a wet concrete footing for structural support. Freestanding Alumawood Patio covers are not engineered to attach to a concrete slab.

Can I attach the Alumawood Patio Cover to Fascia board?
Yes. Although there are structural limitations on mounting to fascia boards as outlined in the engineering documentation. Fascia attachments will also require A34 Simpson bracket reinforcement applied to the underlying roof joists. Projections will be limited as well.

Do I need a ledger board when mounting to stucco?
Depends. Two story homes typically have what is called the “double top plate” which runs the perimeter of the house between the first and second story. This “double top plate” is consistent and ideal to lag into without a ledger board. In the case you cannot lag into wood consistently, such as in the case of a single story home with a lattice cover, then you will need to have a ledger board installed to the wall joists in order to have something structural to mount your patio cover to prior to installation.  Some local building departments require ledger attachments.  Check first.

What are the Alumawood Wind load capabilities?
Alumawood patio covers are engineered for 90, 110, 120, and up to 130 mph wind load factors.

What are the Alumawood Snow load capabilities?
Alumawood patio cover snow load capabilities are 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 and up to 60 lbs. (psf) of ground snow load.

Can I install a ceiling fan in an Alumawood Patio cover?
Yes. All electrical should be handled by a licensed electrician. An Alumawood solid patio cover will require what is called a “fan beam” support atop the roof panels to support the weight of the fan. Ceiling fans on lattice structures are typically frowned on because they do not have any direct protection from the elements like the solid roof does.

Where can you ship Alumawood to?
We are capable of having your Alumawood patio cover shipped anywhere within the United States. Alaska and Hawaii will obviously be a bit more in cost and bit longer time in shipping. All of our Alumawood patio covers are shipped in heavy duty 500 lbs. test cardboard boxes and components shrink wrapped withing to add additional protection from scratching.

How much is shipping an Alumawood Patio cover?
Shipping will vary based on location. Shipping costs are based on several factors (i.e. shape, size, length, weight etc..) bottom line usually will boil down to around $2.00 per square foot on average. Shipping will be specified included in your quote.

Can I pick up my Alumawood patio cover and save on shipping?
Yes. If you have the means of transporting the patio cover, then be our guest and pick it up yourself to save the cost of shipping. There are only a few locations in which to pick up, but if your close enough to them this would be helpful in saving costs. We have plants located in Sacramento CA., Perris CA., Nevada and Phoenix AZ.

Is Alumawood Fire Proof?
Alumawood is definitely fire retardant, we are sure if it burned long enough at a hot enough temperature then it may melt, but that would be a long time in comparison to wood structures that would go up in flames in a few minutes. Matter of fact, Alumawood patio covers have been known to save homes from catching fire in California by preventing the flames from getting past the patio cover to the house in time for the Emergency fire units to arrive!

Does Alumawood come in different colors?
Yes. Alumawood is offered in six different color choices, and may be mixed and matched to add sophisticated contrast for an added touch. Colors available are: White, Desert Sand, Latte, Sonora Beige and Adobe.