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Traditional Patio Cover Details

A traditional aluminum patio cover is engineered in much the same way as the Alumawood patio cover, they just do not have all the decorative components around the perimeter and the posts.

A traditional aluminum patio cover will essentially come with the bare requirements for getting you functional shade such as the panels, the gutter, the spouts and the posts as well as the necessary hardware to construct it.  The traditional patio cover is ideal for those looking not so much for aesthetics, but rather plain functional shade at a more economical price.

Our basic solid shade structures do not come “wood grain embossed” and are available only in the white color with a smooth finish.  They may be attached, or freestanding.  Posts will consist of 3″ x 3″ “cloverleaf” type columns per engineering spacing requirements for your specific live load area.  The roof panels included with these type of covers are known as “W” pans (title “W” explaining the shape of the panel) which are more commonly found in many mobile home developments, but still have many other application possibilities.

You may however want to keep the frame work basic, but upgrade to the Alumawood embossed flat panel as an option for the top, rather than the standard “W” panel.

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